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sorry for his passing away [供養]

I'm so sorry for a mathematic teacher who passed away last week.
He was a colleague , working with us when we were young.
I went to his funeral eve with another teacher who taought music.
He was a liberal and cheerful teacher and he liked to drink so much.

I remember the day that we went to Hakone Onsen for the Bounenkai that means a year end party.
He drank a lot ,sang and danced with other teachers.
Dancing merrily , he and his colleagues knocked down the paper sliding door called fusuma.
That made us laugh.
He was such a cheerful man.

He was so fine that I and a music teacher wondered why he had passed away suddenly.
On the funeral eve, we could heard the reason why he passed away.

Last week , he and his wife went shopping by car.
He picked up the goods from the car and took them into the house.
After that , he had to drive the car to the parking place.
So he got on the car again and took the handle.
On the moment his heart had stopped suddenly.

Hearing the story , we felt so sorry.
He was still young and had to live longer.
He has s pretty wife and three handsome sons who looked like him.

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